When you are coming to the end of your stay in hospital in Doncaster, you may go through the following process to help ensure that you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.

A guide to care and independent living

A guide has been created to support you when you leave hospital. It has been compiled with the support of local partners such as Age UK Doncaster, the NHS and Doncaster Council.

Read the guide online

I'm ready to leave hospital

If you can go home without needing any support then your discharge will be arranged by the ward staff directly with you. If you were receiving support before going into hospital and this support needs restarting or increasing this will be organised by the Hospital Integrated Discharge Team. If you're well enough to leave hospital, but you need support to manage at home and currently don't have any formal support arrangements in place, the Integrated Discharge Team will make appropriate arrangements.

I need some additional support

Health and Social Care workers will take a joined up approach to work out what is right for you. It may be that this can be done by the Community Integrated Care Team (CICT) once you are back at home. If you have more complex needs a worker will be allocated to you from the Integrated Discharge Team to identify the best possible discharge option to meet your needs.

Getting my independence back

For people who currently don't have any formal support arrangements in place.

Social care workers will visit you at home to help you for up to 6 weeks while you regain your confidence and independence with everyday tasks such as:

• Assistance to help you up in the morning and back to bed at night
• Assistance with toileting
• Assistance with meal preparation
• Support with medication
• Assistance with shopping

For more information about the programme, and how to apply, visit the following; Short Term En-ablement Programme

I need on-going support to get back on my feet and live independently

After the programme, you will hopefully be back on your feet. If you still require on-going support this will be identified during the programme, Social care workers will assess what further support you will need through a care act assessment to identify how best we can support you and may include Aids, adaptations, and equipment including Telecare

Further support and information

Find out about the different ways that you can contact us.

The Hospital Integrated Discharge Team can be contacted on 01302 642530 or email hospitalintegrated.dischargeteam@doncaster.gov.uk  

Last updated: 20 October 2022 12:25:06

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