The Short Term Enablement Programme (STEPS) provides short term care and support to vulnerable adults living in the community.

The focus of the team is to enable people to regain confidence and skills they may have lost through ill health or due to a crisis and to assess the support they will need longer term.

The service is provided for up to 6 weeks, depending upon the individual’s needs & abilities.

STEPS provides support within the community when an adult is finding it difficult to complete daily tasks and when an adult is leaving hospital and needs additional support to regain skills and confidence. This service is available to all Doncaster residents who meet the service criteria

What happens next?

If you’re at home, we will be in touch with you within 72 hours of your service request. We will arrange to visit you to discuss your needs in more detail. If you’re in hospital, this visit will take place within two hours of you being discharged home.

On our visit we will perform an assessment to identity your level of independence and agree with you the appropriate actions.

How do I access Steps?

To access the service please contact us.

You can also access the service in hospital by discussing with a member of the ward staff, who will then refer you to our service.

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Last updated: 22 June 2023 16:33:09

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