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Important Information- 

If our pest operative is required to enter your property please wear a face covering or a face shield and ensure that other members of the family are absent from the areas the operative will be working. 

Treatments for rats inside will be carried out from outside where possible.

Our operatives must follow social distancing guidelines and may leave the site if they feel their safety is compromised.

UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE UNABLE TO ENTER HOUSES OF MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY so please bear this in mind when booking your appointment.


To apply for a pest control treatment to a domestic property. You can only apply for a treatment to your own property.

What is it going to cost?

There are different costs associated to the treatments for different pests. These usually consist of a:

  • Call out fee - paid when you complete this form (paid by debit or credit card).
  • Treatment fee - paid at your visit before any treatment is carried out. This can only be paid in cash. No treatment will be administered until this is paid.

Please see the Pest Control page for specific prices related to individual pests.

What we need from you

Complete the online form, providing the relevant information about yourself and your pest. You will also be asked to select a convenient appointment time for a member of our team to visit you.

What you should expect from us

A discreet response to your problem.

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Pest Control page

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