Home Alarm Service (Pendant Alarm) Application

What is this for?

To apply to Doncaster Council for a home alarm / dispersed alarm. 

This service allows people to continue to live independently in their own home (within the Doncaster borough) by providing 'telecare' equipment to enable them to summon help in the event of a fall or emergency.  Where help is summoned, our service assists by contacting the next of kin for assistance, sending for an ambulance or other emergency service or by attending with our trained Assisted Technology Officers (responders).


What is it going to cost?

Charges are based on choice and need and are applicable to everyone on a per person basis, apart from people who:

  • Qualify for care and support as part of their assessed social care needs, where assistive technology is used to meet a person’s social care need. OR
  • Have time-limited “reablement” services provided by Doncaster Council's STEPS Team to help to get their independence back.  This is provided for a maximum of 6 weeks.

 The pendant alarm service is available in 2 forms. 

  • Option 1: Home alarm service, including equipment, maintenance and call handling service where call handlers will contact your nominated family or friends for assistance or organise the appropriate emergency service response. This service is at a cost of £4.40 plus VAT per week 
  • Option 2: Response Service, where the Council’s trained officers (responders) will come to your property to assist in an emergency. This service is an add on service and is only available in addition to option 1, at an additional cost of £1.80 plus VAT per week. (This option therefore totals £6.20 per week plus VAT).

All charges are payable quarterly in advance by Direct Debit and apply per person using the service.



What we need from you

We need certain information in order to provide a service to you.  This includes:

  • personal information, (name and address),
  • medical information (so that we can deal with any emergency situations and ensure that you receive the right care from emergency/ ambulance staff),
  • next of kin information (so that we can contact them when you need assistance or in an emergency).


What you should expect from us

Once submitted, we will make contact with you to discuss the service.  Subject to your agreement to continue, we will then arrange an appointment with you to come and install and test the equipment.  This is normally within 2 weeks of submitting the request.

More information


Additional Sensors and Assistive Technology

Some people will benefit from additional sensors and assistive technology such as falls detectors, movement sensors and flood/gas detectors.  In order to receive this additional equipment an assessment must be carried out by a social worker, Occupational Therapist, or the STEPS Team, on 01302 737391 Contact us for more information on whether an assessment is appropriate.

Further help and support to help you live in your own home

More help can be found on the page Help to live independently

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