Bulky collection - fridge/freezers

What is this for?

To request a collection of your unwanted fridge/freezer.

What is it going to cost?

  • £33
  • If you in receipt of either Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support then this cost is reduced to £16.50 If so, you will need to provide us with your National Insurance Number, Benefit Reference Number and postcode (so we can verify you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit)

What we need from you

Please ensure fridges or freezers do not contain any food or drink.

They will need to be put in an easily accessible location outside your property (not in a garage or out-building) but within your boundary. You will need to tell us on the form where they will be.

If your fridge or freezer is reusable we will be able to collect it from inside your house, if you would like us to do this you must include detail on the form.

Privacy Notice 

The Council is committed to meeting its data protection obligations and handling your information securely. You should make sure you read and understand the Waste and Recycling - privacy notice, which sets out what you need to know about how Doncaster Council will use your information in the course of our work as a Waste Collection Authority.

What you should expect from us

You will be advised of the next available collection day and will be able to book your collection for that day, however we cannot give you a specific time for the collection. Items should be made available for collection by 7:30am on the day and will be collected by 3:30pm.

More information

We do not collect industrial fridges or freezers, you will need to contact a private contractor to carry this out.

We do not accept liability for any items left outside your home and do not accept responsibility if items are taken from outside your property prior to the collection date.

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Last updated: 30 April 2019 14:38:29