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Requesting additional bins or boxes

Each household in Doncaster is typically provided with:

- a 240 litre black bin for non recyclable waste

- a 240 litre blue bin for mixed recyclables (paper, card, plastic bottles, metal food and drink cans)

- a 240 litre green bin for compostable garden waste (restrictions apply)

- a 55 litre green box for glass bottles and Jars

Where storage or collection issues do not allow for our standard service provision residents are provided with alternative containment systems, usually standard dustbins/sack collections.

Additional black bins

In order to be considered for an additional black bin you will have to meet certain criteria:

  • there must be six or more people living in your household and/or
  • two children under 3.5 years old
  • you must be working to reduce the amount of general waste you are producing by making full use of our kerbside recycling services 

Additional black bins are chargeable in accordance with the council’s Fees and Charges policy.  Prices are set annually by a meeting of full council.  The current cost for an additional black bin is £49.

If your household is eligible for additional black bin capacity we will provide you with an additional 140 litre black bin.

All containers remain the property of the council. The additional bin will be removed if you are no longer entitled to it, or if it is determined that your household is not using the kerbside recycling services properly.

If your circumstances change you must to inform us straight away.


Additional blue bins

In order to be considered for an additional blue bin you will need to demonstrate that you are using your existing blue bin correctly (putting the right items in the bin) and that the amount of recyclable materials you generate routinely exceeds the capacity provided.  Additional blue bins are provided for free but will only be provided following an assessment by a Waste and Recycling Officer. To request an assessment please contact us


Additional green bins

From May 2019 residents have been able to take advantage of our additional green bin service which operates via an annual subscription.  This subscription only service provides additional green waste collection capacity to residents that need it.  This service is available from only £45 for the entire 2022 growing season.  If you wish to know more about this service, full terms and condition are available online on our additional green waste bin page. Alternatively please contact us and ask to subscribe to the additional green bin service.


Additional green boxes

If you would like to request a new, replacement or additional green box for recycling glass you can now do so using the appropriate button at the top of this page. You can request this service if:

  • you are about to move or have moved into a house that does not have a green box 
  • your box has been damaged, lost or stolen
  • you regularly have a large amount of glass bottles and jars suitable for our kerbside recycling service

There is currently no charge for additional, replacement, damaged, lost or stolen boxes. All boxes remain the property of the council.



Last updated: 02 April 2024 09:24:17

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