Successful Application, What Next?

Congratulations on being successful in obtaining a post with Doncaster Council. We appreciate that at this time everything is new and unfamiliar and therefore the information below is to provide you with an outline of how your first few weeks will go.


Welcome Message

Welcome to Doncaster Council. You’ve joined a great organisation and place which has high ambitions and thanks to people like you, we’re doing great things. You’ll see that we do things differently in Doncaster. We like to challenge our thinking and find innovative and creative ways to deliver services for our communities. 

We’re part of Team Doncaster which is made up of local partner agencies and private sector organisations and we come together to share our brain power, experiences and skills to deliver services and make a difference by working together with our communities. 

We hope you are able to play a part in our story and help the team you work with and the council to achieve great things. Good luck in your role with us and we hope you’ll enjoy working for Doncaster Council and being part of a fantastic story and future.

Before you start

As a successful candidate you may be invited by your Line Manager to come for an informal chat or tour of your new working environment in advance of your start date. This provides your and your Line Manger with the opportunity to ensure that all pre-employment clearances have been completed.

You will also receive correspondence, which will give details of:

  • your first day at work
  • who and where to report to
  • what time
  • any other specific details related to your new working environment

Your first day

After you have met your Line Manager you will be introduced to your colleagues on an informal basis. You will also meet your Induction Buddy who will give you a tour of your new working environment, highlighting certain facilities that you can use. Please note that your Line Manager and Induction Buddy may be the same person.  

Your first week

During your first week you will continue to gain awareness and general understanding of a range of policies and procedures that are relevant to you and your new working environment. Your Induction Buddy will also continue to support, guide and introduce you to other departments and colleagues. Your Line Manager will meet with you and discuss your work activity and this will be another opportunity to highlight any developmental needs you both feel would be beneficial.

Your first month

The main Induction process will be completed by the end of your first month although your learning and development into your new role and working environment will continue beyond this point. By this time you should have gained a broad understanding around your service area along with familiarisation related to work activity, processes and procedures.


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