Fire Awareness Training or Fire Warden

Who should attend?

Fire Training is aimed at Building Managers and any other person(s) identified in the fire risk assessment. 

Fire Safety Awareness Training

  • fire safety duties under the law
  • common causes of fire
  • be able to support effective evacuation
  • fire triangle
  • classes of fire
  • different extinguisher types
  • know how to prevent fire and limit fire spread
  • be able to identify the requirements of an effective fire action plan
  • use fire extinguishers effectively/live fire training


  • 3 GLH 

Fire warden training

Course content:

  • fire precautions regulations/legislation
  • chemistry of fire and how fire spreads
  • common causes of fire
  • safety features within buildings
  • action on discovering a fire
  • calling the Fire Service
  • Hazard spotting / hazard reduction
  • fire notices
  • evacuation procedures, evacuating people with special needs
  • liaising with fire controllers / Fire Service
  • daily and weekly fire checks and record keeping

Target audience:

  • all levels of staff who have the responsibility for Fire Marshal/Fire Warden and who may need to know how to safely operate fire extinguishers (theory principles only).


This programme provides staff with an understanding the basic principles and procedures of being a Fire Warden.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • understand fire regulations 
  • be aware of your role and responsibilities 
  • have the knowledge of what action to take if needed 
  • organise safe evacuation procedures



You must take proof of your ID to the course, (for you to be issued with a certificate). For example; your passport or driving licence. 


All course dates can be found on the course dates page. To book a place on one of these courses please contact us for further information email Bookings and T&C's are available on

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