Doncaster Investment Plan Delivery Team

Come and be part of what’s happening in the UK’s newest City, look at what we've already achieved…

Doncaster has just been awarded CITY status – our ambitions for our city are transformational

We need talented people to help us deliver big things for Doncaster including new investments and improving how we do things. If you want to gain deep experience within specialist fields as part of a multi-discipline team, these opportunities could be for you.

The work will be both challenging and rewarding so if you are interested please read on...

Our focus is to capture opportunities and deliver our Investment Plan, reaching across departments to build capability and capacity – that is where we need you. The investment plan is complex and challenging but underpins our future growth.

You will be working in a collaborative, multi-discipline team put together specifically for the purpose of navigating local, regional and national policy, shaping and delivering all facets of our Investment Plan and understanding and pursuing Capital and Revenue Investment opportunities – all these elements have never been more important if we are to meet our commitment to ensuring that all our residents, communities and businesses in Doncaster reach their full potential.

This work has been driven by an increasingly strong corporate centre that has adopted a challenging agenda to transform the borough in partnership with key agencies and other major players.  The expertise we are looking for will eventually span 28 posts across programme management, asset management, delivering major projects and strengthening planning and business support, balanced with specialisms in policy, finance, legal and procurement. 

This new programme of capacity expansion and enhancement is vitally important and a significant tool to drive place-based investment, growth and jobs in Doncaster totalling more than £100m of public money.

Find the job that suits you

A series of job advertisements will continue to be posted. A link will be provided below when they appear on the Council's Job webpage.

Employment Help

We recognise that application and interview processes can be daunting, so Doncaster Council’s Advance Employment Hub is here to help! 

We offer 1-1 application support and interview preparation tailored to meet your needs. For more information, please contact

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Doncaster Investment Plan

This project is being delivered by Doncaster Council and is funded by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Last updated: 03 October 2023 16:22:16

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