Winter gritting and snow clearance

A network of some 530Km of 'A' roads, 'B' roads and other strategic routes is covered by precautionary gritting/salting -which is approximately 35 per cent of the council's roads.

Do it online

You can use any of the above forms to request winter services. To request a grit bin be placed in an area, please use the 'Request winter gritting' form.

Please note for snow clearance or winter gritting, all requests will be considered, however main routes will take priority and other locations may be attended to when and if resources become available.

View the gritting routes our gritters take in the document below:

Doncaster Gritting Routes 2018-19
Download (1.24MB - PDF)

During the winter period motorists cannot and should not assume that any particular section of road has been treated and we would caution you to drive with due care and attention to the conditions.

Road weather data can be viewed via the following website:

Snow Ploughing

Snow ploughing will be considered when snow has fallen to at least 25mm depth and continues to fall on the Borough's roads.

Snow ploughing will be accompanied by salting of the roads.

Be prepared

We've pulled together all the key information you need to know to get ready for winter including weather updates, road & school closures, bin collections and staying warm at home.

Last updated: 23 July 2019 07:58:30