Street furniture refers to anything installed on a road or pavement to help keep drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safe. The Highways team are responsible for inspecting street furniture to ensure it stays in good condition for residents to use.

Items we are responsible for include:  

  • Pedestrian guard rails
  • Cycle stands  
  • Signs
  • Street name plates
  • Salt bins
  • Benches
  • Information boards 

Utility companies are responsible for the likes of telephone poles, mobile phone masts, manholes and fire hydrants.

Litter bins and dog waste bins should be reported to Street Scene Litter bin or dog fouling bin problems - City of Doncaster Council

Report it

If you notice vandalism or significant damage to street furniture, please complete the following e-form


We will need to know: 

    • The location of the furniture 
    • The type of furniture involved
    • The extent of the damage/vandalism

What happens next? 

  • Once the report has been received, the Highways team will inspect the incident within 5 working days.  
Last updated: 08 September 2023 11:35:55

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