Licence for skip operators

To place a skip on the highway, without first applying for and being granted a licence, is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and may result in prosecution.

Within the Doncaster Council area, any skip that is placed on a road must be supplied by a skip hire company which is approved by the Council.

To place a builders skip on any part of the highway a permit from this Authority must be obtained.

Skip licences are only granted to companies providing skips.

List of Doncaster Council approved skip hire companies

  • Addlese Timber & Haulage   Tel: 01427 873004
  • Skip 2 It   Tel: 01302 852886
  • K. Lynskey Excavations Ltd   Tel: 01709 870909
  • JPM Harrison/Diamond Tel: 01302 840382
  • H. Middleton   Tel: 01302  783731
  • Quick Skip       Tel: 01302  369517
  • J. Miller Skip Hire    Tel: 01724 711797
  • Retford/Doncaster Waste    Tel: 01777 816056
  • P. Thompson       Tel: 01302 842856
  • KMR Skip Hire     Tel: 01977 672735
  • Shaws Waste Recycling Ltd    Tel: 01709 877955
  • Amica Eco      Tel: 01302 972444
  • Kniveton      Tel: 01709 376172
  • Westmorelands Waste Recycling      Tel: 01302 366437
  • Maw Skip Hire     Tel: 01709 560056
  • KCM     Tel: 01709 512958
  • TBS     Tel: 01302 724769 – Mobile: 07834393542
  • Mr Rubble       Tel: 01142 366222
  • John Edwards Waste Management       Tel: 01709 888511
  • Betapack Complience Scheme Ltd      Tel: 01709 572044
  • Rapid Skips     Tel: 01226 740540
  • A Riddel Skip Hire     Tel: 01507 526151  
  • Hopkinson Waste Management     Tel: 01246 430080   
  • Fletcher Plant Limited      Tel: 03708 506 506
  • Gr Parkers     Tel: 07747 831336
  • Bradwell Skip Hire          Tel: 01142 442489
  • Allwayste Skip Hire     Tel: 01226 770063
  • Foxhall Environmental Services     Tel: 01924 476235
  • Ron Hull Skips     Tel: 01709 524115
  • Budgy Skip Hire     Tel: 07956 242288
  • Remondis     Tel: 08000665501
  • GS And Sons         Tel: 01302 302370
  • Northern Waste Group     Tel: 01724601449
  • Andrew Maxfield Skips     Tel: 07786547636
  • Strong Skips Waste Recycling     Tel: 01757642032
  • Skips Direct     Tel: 03306061410
  • Sutherland Waste Management     Tel: 07719304895

Private individuals cannot obtain a licence.

Once the skip permit issued by the council has expired, the skip must be removed from the road. The road where the skip was positioned must also be left in a clean and tidy condition.

If you need to have a skip in the road for an additional amount of time, the skip company must reapply to the council for another skip permit.

The skip owner or supplier is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations are adhered to.

Permit charges are as follows:

Highways occupancy charge: £18.50 per permit (effective from 1st April 2020)

If a skip is found to be placed on the highway illegally (without a licence) there will be a retrospective charge of £84.50.

Parking fees:

Resident or business bay - no charge
Pay and display bay - £10 per day
Single yellow line - Pending inspection, this service is dependent on location. Conditions may be imposed or applications refused on the grounds that safety of road users must be maintained.

Applications can take up to seven days to process. 

Skip positioning

Each skip must not be bigger than five metres in length by two metres in width and skips must be positioned in the road unless the council has granted a permit for the skip to be placed elsewhere.

Skip owners or suppliers who are issued with a permit to put skips in the road are responsible for ensuring that:

  • skips are positioned on the road so that their longest sides are parallel to the edge of the road and are as near to the edge of the road as is possible
  • skips are not positioned less than 15 metres from a junction, except when permission has been granted
  • skips do not obstruct access to a premises, unless the consent of the occupier has been obtained
  • skips are positioned on the road so that they do not obstruct drivers and pedestrians in any way
  • skips do not prevent water drainage on the road or obstruct manholes or stop any functions that need to be carried out by the authorities
  • if two or more skips are needed in the road, they must be positioned as closely as possible to each other

Skip markings

Each skip must be clearly marked with the skip owner's or supplier’s name and telephone number and all markings must also be kept clean and visible at all times.

The ends of each skip, i.e. the sides of the skip facing traffic in both directions, must be painted yellow and must be fitted with vertical red and yellow fluorescent reflective markings. These markings must comply with British Standard BS AU152:1970 and must be marked with that number.

Cones and flash lights

Skips placed on the road require traffic cones on the approach side to guide traffic safely past them.

When it is dark or in bad weather conditions, all skips must be marked by amber flashing lights which are placed against the skip or attached to each corner of it. If there are two or more skips with less than two metres between them, lights can be put on the end corners of the row of skips.

If the skip or skips are positioned on the road, lights should be placed between each of the road cones. You will be charged by the council if we are called out to make a skip safe or to put lights on an unlit skip.

Skip contents

Skips placed on the road must not contain any inflammable, explosive, toxic or other dangerous materials or anything which is likely to cause a nuisance to road users. Contents of the skip must be kept covered to prevent dust or spillage on to the road. The skip must not be overloaded and must be removed when it is full. 

Emptying skips

All materials placed in skips must be properly disposed of. Full skips must be removed for emptying as soon as possible.  

Other regulations

Other regulations that the skip company is responsible for are:

  • public Liability insurance to cover the council against any claims made regarding skips in the road
  • not subletting or transferring the ownership of any skips licensed by the council


Any complaints about the locations or safety of skips should be reported using the contact details at the top of this page.

For further information, please contact us:


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