Licence for Scaffolding, Hoarding, Mobile Crane and Oversail

When carrying out any building work/maintenance or removal of any part of a property which is adjacent to the public highway (road, pavement or rear access road), the safety of all users of the highway is paramount

To place a Scaffold/Hoarding/Mobile Crane on any part of the highway you must first of all obtain a licence from this Authority

The unauthorised placement of Scaffolding/Hoarding/Mobile Crane within a highway is both dangerous and illegal

Copies of the Highways Act 1980 can be purchased from Her Majesty's Stationery Office or via this link Highways Act 1980

How much does it cost?

The cost of a scaffold/hoarding/Mobile Crane licence for up to 28 days is £201.50 and a fee of £65 for every month thereafter (effective from 1st April 2022)

Application Forms

169 Scaffold Application Form
Download (1.51MB - DOCX)
178 Crane License Application
Download (57KB - DOCX)
172 Application Hoarding
Download (889KB - DOCX)

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