Application Forms - Temporary Traffic Management

As part of the traffic manager service, Highway Network Management looks after the day-to-day use of the highway including the coordination of street works. Anything that has or may have an impact on the highway network is reviewed. It the responsibility of the council to assert and protect the rights of the public to use the highway which can include green space, verges and pathways.


How do I apply for a temporary road closure?

If you would like to apply for a temporary road closure, please complete the application form. You must also arrange for 'diversion' signs for the traffic diversion route: we recommend that you contact a traffic management contractor to do this for you. You will need to submit information about traffic management and the ‘diversion’ signs with the application

2. Road closure Form - TTRO request
Download (53KB - DOCX)

How long will it take before I know if my application has been successful?

The legal process involved means that a minimum of six weeks' notice is required to process the request after we receive your completed application form. A temporary road closure order will only be approved where we are satisfied that it is the only viable option to carry out the road-works safely. Any order that we issue will also have conditions attached. The fee for a temporary road closure from 1st April 2022 is £1440

Temporary Traffic Lights

If you need to use temporary traffic lights to carry out works in the highway, you must apply to us for approval. There is no charge for this. However there is a charge if you need us to turn off a permanent set of traffic lights, or the lights at a pedestrian crossing.

(For multiway traffic lights a detailed plan must be provided clearly showing the distance between the signal heads and red/green timings of the signals during works)

Traffic Control Application
Download (52KB -DOCX)
Traffic Signals - Switch-off Form
Download (47KB - )

Lane Closures

If you need to install a lane closure to carry out works in the highway, you must apply to us for approval. There is no charge for this but a detailed plan is needed

Lane Closure Application Form
Download (50KB - DOCX)

Other types of Temporary Traffic Management

If you wish to discuss any other form of temporary traffic management please email your enquiry to and we will be happy to advise


Please note that depending on what it is you are proposing to do on the highway that you may need either a permit or a licence - please visit the links to find out who to contact for this


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