Below is some key information about how you can keep yourself safe from abuse and other dangers, both online and in the physical world.

Are you worried about your safety or wellbeing or that of a friend? Don’t stay quiet – report it!

Top tips to stay safe

  • be sure your parents always know where you are and how to contact you

  • if possible, go out accompanied by friends and return home with them

  • if you do go out alone, arrange transport to and from where you are going - with a relative, friends or cab - and confirm arrangements for your return journey before you set off

  • if your arranged transport from a concert or other event fails to arrive and you can see that you will be left on your own, speak to the organisers and ask to use their telephone to make other arrangements. Ask to stay until transport arrives

  • don't accept a lift from someone you've only just met

  • try to find casual jobs, such as babysitting, through family or friends, and be careful about answering advertisements. Try to go with a parent or friend on the first day

  • when babysitting, always make sure you have a contact number for the child's parents so you can reach them if you need to. If anyone comes to the house don't let them in. Ask telephone callers to ring back - don't tell them you are alone. It helps to keep a list of emergency numbers in case of problems

  • when working a paper round, if strangers invite you into their homes or offer you a lift, politely refuse and move on quickly

  • wherever you are, be aware of how to make an emergency telephone call and the quickest way out.

Further information on how to stay safe is available on the Thinkuknow and itsnotokay websites.


Last updated: 01 February 2021 13:25:21

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