Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment

The Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment supports children, young people and their families across the age ranges from birth to 25 years. Referrals are taken from NHS Audiology and Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

The Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment consists of qualified Teachers of the Deaf, an Educational Audiologist, a Deaf Instructor, Specialist Technical Support Officers, a BSL Higher Level Tutor and Communication Support Officers.

Once a referral has been completed by NHS Audiology a member of the SCHI will contact you. The service provides support from diagnosis to leaving education. Every child who has been referred into the service will be allocated a Teacher of the Deaf.

What can the service do for me and my child?

The service can help you with: 

Language Acquisition 
This means the service can offer a range of communication methods to help support you and your child that is bespoke to each family for example BSL, SSE, Total Communication or Oral. 

Language Development 
This means developing the child's language using specialist language assessments and targets. So for example, if a child was not yet in school these targets would be set with the family. If the child is in school the targets would be shared with the school and the family. 

Social and Emotional Needs
Your child's Deaf Instructor / Teacher of the Deaf will will help you to understand what it is like to be Deaf and the impact this may have.

Psycho-acoustic Assessment
If a child has hearing aids their aids will be tested every half term by Specialist Technical Support Officers who will ensure the equipment is working.

PHIG (Pre-School Hearing Impaired Group) - FREE Session at Wheatley Family Hub

  • This is a planned session that runs at Wheatley Family Hub every 2 weeks on a Thursday for Deaf Pre- School children.
  • This is a FREE Service which is run by a Teacher of the Deaf (Early Years Specialist), Deaf Instructor, Speech and Language Therapist (NHS).
  • The session involves activities, signing, singing and gives parents the chance to have a chat with each other.
Please see below the PHIG Newsletter that is sent out to parents via email. If you would like to receive this newsletter via email, please attend the session to request this.

PHIG Newsletter
Download (233KB - PDF)

Professionals working with children and young people with a Hearing Impairment

If you are working with children and young people with a Hearing Impairment, the service can offer in-service training whether this is whole school or bespoke. The service will also support professionals with:

  • SEN support plan process 
  • Asses, Plan, Do, Review process
  • EHCP involvement
  • Transition 


Hearing Impaired Additionally Resourced Centres (HI ARC's)

  • Primary HI ARC Provision - Plover Primary School
  • Secondary HI ARC Provision - Outwood Academy Danum


Further information about the Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment, please contact:-

Sarah Barton, HI Service Manager/Lead Teacher of the Deaf


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