Schools Finance Service

Details and documents below about the Schools Finance Service, school financial regulations, school outturn statements and the Scheme for Financing Schools

About the service

The service provides support to a varying extent to meet all of the Authority's Transformational Goals and the majority of the Borough Strategy Objectives.

Proper financial management is essential to the deployment of resources for the attainment of short, medium and long-term objectives.

The Scheme for Financing Schools

The scheme for financing schools sets out the basis of the financial relationship between the local authority, maintained schools and pupil referral units which it funds.

The Scheme for Financing Schools
Download (99KB - DOCX)

School financial regulations

The Financial Regulations' document provides detailed guidance and advice on a range of financial management and control issues for all maintained schools and pupil referral units in Doncaster:

Schools Financial Regulations
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School Outturn Statements

Schools Outturn Statement 2009-2010
Download (137KB)
Schools Outturn Statement 2008-2009
Download (127KB)
School Outturn Statement 2007-2008
Download (126KB)
Schools Outturn Statement 2011-12
Download (232KB)
Schools Outturn Statement 2012-13
Download (480KB)
Schools Outturn Statement 2013-14 (Section 251)
Download (52KB - XLS)

School Budget Statements

Schools Budget Statement 2012-13
Download (1.71MB)
Schools Budget Statement 2013-14
Download (86KB)
Section 251 Budget Statement 2014-15
Download (246KB)
School Budget Statement 2015-16 (Section 251)
Download (44KB - XLS)


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