School Governors and Safeguarding

This page is for school Governors, specifically for any Governors with a lead on anti-bullying issues.

Doncaster launched a guidance document for Governors in 2011.  This has recently been revised and will be available May 2016.

Ofsted section 5 and section 8 handbook identifies the school's responsibility to safeguard children.

Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2015 makes it clear SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY. Governors must ensure all staff read at least part 1.

The DfE have also looked at best practice across schools:  Managing behavior and bullying in schools - case studies

In addition Ofsted also produce information on how schools are tackling bullying.

The Governors' handbook is for Governors in maintained schools and academies and provides information about the core role and functions of school governing bodies and their specific legal duties.

Governors' Handbook January 2014
Download (773KB)

For information about Doncaster Council's Governor Development Service, please click the following link:



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