School Catering Service - aims, standards and health and safety

Service aims:

  • To provide young people with a healthy start in life to enable them to achieve their full potential in adult life
  • The provision of healthy diets to support a healthy lifestyle in order to accommodate all learning opportunities
  • To provide a healthy balanced diet within a relaxed dining atmosphere to encourage pupils to be included in the social interaction of dining
  • Help to raise educational attainment through nutrition
  • To provide catering services to support out of hours learning
  • As an employer, to assist in providing the community with a skilled workforce that will attract investment into the area
  • To assist in reducing deprivation and increasing employment opportunities by recruiting staff from the local area
  • Develop community involvement, and wherever possible, procuring goods and services from local suppliers

Service standards:

  1. Provide in primary and secondary schools a fully inclusive two course meal for a set price each school day
  2. Provide in secondary schools, where requested, a cash cafeteria service offering a range of individually priced goods as well as an alternative two course meal for a set price each school day
  3. Provide dishes which are prepared by qualified catering staff using quality ingredients
  4. Provide special diets upon receipt of notification from the Primary Health Care Dietician
  5. Provide a choice of menu options to select from
  6. Provide a safe, clean and relaxed dining environment
  7. Provide a new bi-annual menu
  8. As an employer, we will ensure that all employees attend an induction course and are issued with a training plan
  9. Ensure all complaints are dealt with in accordance with the Complaints Policy            

Key service objectives:

  • To provide services tailored to the requirements of the user
  • Employ a motivated workforce who benefit from on-going training and development
  • To meet the governments food and nutrition standards
  • Deliver the service efficiently and ensure the relevant legal requirements are observed
  • To provide all catering requirements for schools
  • To work in partnership with governors, heads and teachers, students and parents

Health and safety:

  • Doncaster Schools Catering has a full Health and Safety Policy and working practices that have been designed to reduce the risk of accidents
  • We have a Food Safety Policy to ensure the service of safe food
  • We liaise with appropriate Food Agencies to conform to all food safety and nutritional legislation

For further information and guidance contact Doncaster Schools Catering Service on:

  • tel: 01302 862786
Last updated: 20 September 2017 13:17:29