Post 16 Review 2018

This review of post 16 education in Doncaster has set out a number of key recommendations to improve outcomes for young people and raise achievement levels across the borough.

In September 2017 Dr Paul Lally, former Head of 14-19 and Community Education at Knowsley MBC and consultant on skills and vocational education, was commissioned to conduct the review. It was part of a core recommendation made in the One Doncaster report to provide further clarity on routes of progression for young people in the borough.

The review found that rates of young people in Doncaster achieving both Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications have historically been lower than the national average, and declining slowly over the past four years. It also identified a fall in the number of pupils attending school sixth forms and a need to improve the contribution that apprenticeships make to increasing employment and access to higher education.

The processes and recommendations made in this report also reflect a number of the priorities from the Children and Young People’s Plan released last year, which had the express ambition of making Doncaster the most child friendly borough in the country.

You can read the full Post 16 Review document on this page and the video below should provide some answers to any further questions you may have.

Last updated: 31 July 2018 11:32:07