Parenting and Family Support Service (PAFSS)

There is a parenting and family support team in each area of Doncaster: North, Central, East, and South.

Parenting and family support are there for families who need a named worker alongside them to help them work out a plan for keeping children and young people safe, and healthy enough to thrive and achieve their potential in education, training and employment. We work with children and young people from birth to 19 and their families.

We offer a responsive service including one-to-one support to families, evidenced-based programmes that support parents and coordinated multi-agency interventions.

Through our links to Children’s Centres and youth centres, we provide group-based activities, individual work with young people and local bases through which parents gain access to support.

The prime purpose and function of the Parenting and Family Support Team is to reduce the number of Children in Care within Doncaster. It will offer support to families through individually tailored programmes of work specific to the individual's/family's needs. It will also strive, where resources permit, to offer an immediate response to families in crisis where there is a risk of family breakdown. The team will also work alongside social care to bring children of all ages home to family members in a safe and planned way.

To get in touch call us on 01302 737777 or in the evening or at weekends call 01302 796000 

Last updated: 13 September 2022 15:37:34

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