Our Semi Independent Living Service

Living on your own for the first time can be extremely daunting. We know this can be especially true for our young people who have grown up in the care that’s why we created our Semi Independent Living Service.

The service provides accommodation, care and tailored support to help young people leaving care aged 16 to 18 years prepare for independent living and learn valuable life skills at their own pace.

About the service

The six bed home, provides young care leavers will have their own rooms, communal areas and a shared kitchen.

Trust staff provide round the clock (24/7) on-site support, as well as running a life skills programme which includes guidance around general housekeeping, healthy eating, gardening, money management and social interaction.

Young people also undertake other programmes that have been co-designed by our care leavers – including ‘Keys to my future’ and ‘Keys to my employment’.

It is expected that care leavers will stay until they are ready to move on to live in their own home.

Sarah's story

When Sarah came to live with us she was in a very distressed state, not engaging in education, training or employment or knowing where she wanted to go with her life. Through her time with us we have seen her grow up into a very wonderful young lady. She now attends college and still keeps in touch with us.

Our Semi Independent Living Service aims to:

  • Provide our young people with a nurturing environment, which is flexible and responsive to their individual needs.
  • Equip our young people with the practical, social and emotional skills to enable them to make an informed choice about their living options and to move towards independent living.
  • Maximise privacy, respect, safety, personal development, comfort, security and social independence for our young people.
  • Work with St Leger Homes to make sure when our young people are ready to move into their first home it is the right move for them and is affordable How we support our young people.
  • We provide individually tailored support which can include assistance with cooking, budgeting, shopping, confidence building, education, employment, building friendships and developing the needed skills to live independently.
  • Each young person will have a named worker who will work with them to achieve there outcomes from their Pathway Plan – reflecting upon their aims and aspirations for their future employment. 
  • Our team will work closely with other professionals - such as Doncaster CouncilSt Leger HomesCAHMSLooked After Children Nurses and Education/ Training Providers - to provide a network of multi-agency support. 
  • We will encourage our young people will be encouraged to maintain and build positive relationships with friends and family members.

How we hope the home will support young people

  • Young people leave the home feeling equipped with the experiences that enable them to get their own home; and be more successful in managing this.
  • Help our young people to develop the confidence for all aspects of life, including the social skills for successful relationships and access other social support networks.
  • Help our young people to have their voices heard. 

Find out more

For further information about the programme contact the service manager Mags Silvester by emailing Margaret.Silvester@doncaster.gov.uk 


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