This page answers some of the questions you may have about your school and your education while you are in care. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here you can ask your social worker, your designated teacher at school, your foster carer or anyone who works at the Trust.


Will I still go to school when I go into care?

Yes, if you are aged between 5 and 16 years you must be in education. If you are 16 to 18 years you must also be in education, training/ apprenticeship or employment.

Will I have to change schools when I go into Care?

Your social worker will try to find you somewhere to live which is near enough for you to keep going to your own school. If this is not possible, you may have to change to a school which is nearer to where you are living. We will make sure that you attend a school that is rated ‘good’ or outstanding by OFSTED.

What is a Personal Education Plan? (PEP)

Any child or young person who is in care must have a personal education plan, sometimes you may hear it called a PEP. It’s a plan to make sure your educational needs are being met and you have the support in school that you need. Your PEP sets out targets that you and your teachers will work on together. If you feel you are behind with schoolwork or are struggling to understand what you are being taught please talk to your designated teacher, social worker or carer. A PEP review meeting will take place to discuss your targets and your progress

What is a PEP review meeting?

A PEP review meeting is set up by your Social Worker every 6 months and is usually held in your school. The meeting happens so that your PEP targets can be talked about and everyone can agree what to write on your plan. This is your opportunity to make sure your views are heard.

Who comes to my PEP review?

You are the first person who is invited to come to your PEP meeting! Other people who will attend will be someone from your school who knows you, your social worker, your carer or key worker and your school’s designated teacher.  Sometimes, a member of the Virtual School will attend and sometimes a family member may be invited too.

What is a Designated Teacher?

Every school should have a “designated teacher” for children in care. They should know that you are in care and give you help with any problems in school. The designated teacher should make sure you have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) and will let your carer and social worker know how you are doing.

What is the Virtual School?

The Virtual School isn’t actually a school, but it keeps a record of everyone who’s in our Care who attend any nursery, school or college. Virtual School staff are there to help things to go as smoothly as possible. They also keep track of how you’re making progress and achieving. Like a real school, there is a Head in charge and a board of Governors to make sure things are going as well for you as possible.

What does the Virtual school do?

The Virtual School works with your school, social worker, and IRO to plan the best education pathway for you. We keep a check on the quality of the education you receive. We help your school make best use of the extra money provided to support your learning. When there is something that is not going right we challenge your school and advise your designated teacher on the best way to help you.

What will my school do to help me learn and achieve?

Your school is responsible for planning the best learning journey for you. They get some extra funding to make sure you are able to do your best at school.   Your school can spend the money on anything that will help your learning, such as extra help for you in the classroom, one-to-one tuition, activities to make sure you have a chance to develop a particular skill, talent or have access to broader learning experiences. The Designated Teacher will monitor how well it's going and the difference it's making to your learning. It is important that the school includes your views in any plans for your education. 


Last updated: 04 January 2022 11:46:00

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