Musical instrument purchase scheme

The Doncaster Music Service is able to offer parents or guardians the opportunity to purchase new musical instruments at a discounted price and without the addition of VAT.

Considerable savings can be achieved. Some second hand instruments may also be available. This offer is subject to the continuation of excise approval.   

The following conditions must be met:

  • the child must be taking instrumental lessons from a member of staff of the Doncaster Music Service in his or her school (or as arranged for the school at the William Appleby Music Centre )
  • and/or be attending a William Appleby Music Centre class
  • the instrument must be needed for education that is part of the child's normal curriculum and be likely to be so needed for a reasonable period of time

The instrument must be portable and must be brought to school and/or the William Appleby Music Centre on at least a weekly basis during term.

If these conditions are not met, VAT will become payable by the parent.  

Please download the application form, complete it and return it to the address specified. The form also lists suitable suppliers of musical instruments. However, you may use your own supplier provided they have agree to take part in the scheme and are happy to abide by the terms and conditions.

If you need more information, please telephone the Music Service on 01302 327444 or email

Nd95-1 IPS application form updated May 2018-1
Download (50KB - DOC)

Download (49KB - DOC)


Take it away scheme

Arts Council England have announced a new way for parents and carers to purchase musical instruments for children by spreading the costs with an interest free loan of up to £5,000.  This scheme is available in over 300 musical shops across the country.  For more information please visit the:

Awards for Young Musicians

Awards for Young Musicians is a registered charity that supports young musicians.  Please visit their website for more information:

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