For some children with sensory issues, developmental disabilities, or learning difficulties, a sensory room can provide an environment in which they feel safe and secure in. These rooms can be particularly beneficial for people living with special needs, such as Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

All children are welcome at the groups run within the Family Hubs and can expect a fun learning environment which is supportive of all children’s needs and abilities.

Which Family Hubs have sensory rooms?

The Family Hubs listed below have sensory rooms which can be used by children and families.

Family Hub

Contact Number

Askern Family Hub 01302 737099
Bentley Family Hub 01302 737350
Central Family Hub 01302 737995
Mexborough Family Hub 01302 736869
Moorends Family Hub 01302 737470
Rossington Family Hub  01302 737440
Wheatley Family Hub  01302 737790

The sensory rooms are free of charge to use and can be booked through calling the Family Hub.

Hoisting and changing facilities 

Hoisting and changing facilities can be found at:

  • Adwick Family Hub
  • Balby Family Hub,
  • Bentley Family Hub
  • Moorends Family Hub
  • Rossington Family Hub
  • Wheatley Family Hub

All Early Years Development Workers have received some training in supporting a child with SEND as well as some staff undergoing specific training such as Portage and Makaton.

For further information about the Family Hubs or any sessions being run, please click the link below.

Family Hubs

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