Education and Skills Commission

The Doncaster Education and Skills Commission was set up by ‘Team Doncaster’ the local strategic partnership of public services, business and the voluntary and community sector.

The independent Commission was brought in to advise Team Doncaster on how to better align education, skills and employment. It heared evidence from key stakeholders, including schools, education and training providers, businesses, children and parents before putting forward its proposals.

The aims of the review was to help raise attainment levels and ensure that young people have the right skills needed to secure new jobs that are being created in the borough.

The Commission comprised of:

  • Dr Ann Limb (Chair)
  • Professor Sir Tim Brighouse (Vice Chair)
  • Professor Keri Facer
  • Amali de Alwis
  • Nigel Brewster 

A independent website for the Education and Skills Commission was created called WordPress site, which includes details of the work by the Commission. 

For further information please see documents attached in the Downloads & Resources area.

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