Doncaster Music Education Hub concerts and events

UK COVID -19 update: Further to the Prime Minister’s statement Doncaster Music Service is CANCELLING ALL upcoming concerts until after Summer half term break. Please find below of a whole host of Music Service concerts and events across the borough. Some of our partner's concert dates are also listed:

Doncaster Music Education Hub - Event and concert dates for 2019-20


June 2020

20.06.2020           DSVCB concert at St Peter’s Church Bentley


July 2020

07.07.2020            Guitars concert at The Point

08.07.2020            DSSO and SBG concert at Hall Cross Upper School

09.07.2020            Recorders concert at The Point

10.07.2020            BYO concert at Hall Cross Lower School

11.07.2020            Junior and Intermediate band concert at Hall Cross Lower School

                               Strings concert at Hall Cross Upper School



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