When people are worried that a child may be at risk of being harmed or is not being looked after properly they can contact the relevant children in care team using the contact details on this page. We have a duty to make sure that the child is safe and to see if a family need help.

What happens?

One of our social workers will talk to the person who has told them about their worries about your child. Sometimes the person who contacts us decides not to give their name. 

Before visiting you the social worker will talk, in confidence to other professional people who know your family, for example, teachers, health visitors, and doctors. 

If the allegations are serious the social worker may discuss the concerns with the police. 

The social worker will then ask for your permission to talk to your child. If you do not agree the social worker may need to ask the court for permission. 

The social worker needs to find out what, if anything, has happened. They need you to help them and there may be a simple explanation. 

It may be clear that your child is safe and nothing more needs to be done. If your child is not safe the social worker will talk to you about how your child can be made safe. 

It may be that the social worker, or other professionals, can offer you some help or advice. Although the child is safe you may have some other problems, and this may be a good opportunity to ask for some help.

What happens if we are still concerned about your child?

If your child has suffered harm or appears to have health problems, the social worker may ask your permission for a doctor to see your child to give a medical opinion. This is likely to be a doctor who specialises in children’s health at the hospital or it may be your own doctor. If there is a possibility of sexual abuse and a medical examination is required, it is likely to be the police surgeon. 

If it appears that something has been done which is against the law then the police will have to be involved. 

We visit many families and it is important for families to work with us. Sometimes families do not co-operate and refuse to give consent for the child to be seen or medically examined. If this happens the social worker may need to ask the court to intervene. This is because the social worker has a duty to safeguard the child's welfare. 

In some cases the social worker may still feel your child is at risk and will arrange a Child Protection Conference. This conference must look at the concerns and consider whether a plan is needed to protect your child. If this happens you will usually be invited to the conference and you will be able to give your views. 

It is important for you to remember that: 

In all investigations, social workers and other agencies really want to work with families.

What rights do I have if I disagree?

You have the right to see your own solicitor who will advise you on legal matters. 
If you feel the social worker has acted wrongly you may use our complaints procedure.  

Last updated: 23 August 2023 17:08:03

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