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Doncaster Virtual School - Children in Care team The Virtual School isn't a real school in a building of its own. It is the team of professionals who monitor the educational offer for children in care.

Doncaster Virtual School - CiC

Although the majority of Children in care in Doncaster attend Doncaster Schools some attend schools in other boroughs throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The Virtual School works together with the schools to make sure Children in care in Doncaster make progress and achieve their educational goals. 

The Virtual School exists to ensure that children and young people in care have access to good quality education, providing them with improved life chances.

We expect that every Child in care will:

  • have a school place
  • have a current Personal Education plan (PEP)
  • attend a full time educational placement
  • achieve their potential
The Virtual School works in partnership with children, carers, families, school staff, social workers and a wide range of other professionals to improve the educational outcomes of the children in the care of Doncaster Council.

It is our responsibility to:

  • promote the progress of children in care
  • raise awareness of the importance of education and lifelong learning with all people associated with children in care
  • help create opportunities for children in care to achieve success in their educational careers
  • work closely with all agencies to improve educational opportunities for children in care

For the children in care on its roll, the Virtual School:

  • monitors their attainment, attendance and engagement with learning
  • monitors personal education planning and PEPs
  • manages the Children in Care Pupil Premium Grant (PP+)
  • works with schools and other learning settings to ensure children make good progress and that PP+ is being used effectively
  • holds all stakeholders to account
  • provides training for designated teachers through meetings and individual support
  • advises social workers and carers to ensure they contribute to the education outcomes of children on their case load or in their care placement
The Virtual School also provides advice and guidance for parents and carers of previously looked after children. 

How to contact the Doncaster Virtual School - CiC team

Please note: Any communication from the Virtual School to schools or other agencies, services and professionals that refers to a child in care’s personal details will be sent using the Doncaster Council policy described above.

Virtual school contact information

Primary Team:

Primary Senior Raising of Achievement Officer –    

Secondary Team: 

Secondary Senior Raising of Achievement Officer -

Virtual School Head:

  • By phone: The Virtual School can be contacted on 01302 737880, but be aware that members of the team are not routinely at the office so you may wish to email the officer and consider the advice and guidance offered by these web-pages before ringing.



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