Planning Policy Background Documents - Transport, Infrastructure and Viability

There are a number of background studies and evidence base documents that have informed the Local Plan. Many of these are still relevant so are available to view and download below.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Doncaster Infrastructure Strategy Exec Summary
Download (256KB - PDF)
Doncaster Infrastructure Strategy Main Report
Download (1.3MB - PDF)
Doncaster Infrastructure Strategy Annex
Download (4.2MB - PDF)

Whole Plan Viability Testing 2019

Whole Plan Viability Testing (2019)
Download (1.54MB - PDF)
Viability Testing (2019) Appendices 1-10
Download (5.92MB - PDF)
Viability Testing (2019) Appendices 11-15
Download (1.43MB - PDF)

Further information:

Local Plan


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