Planning performance and customer feedback

At Doncaster Council we are committed to delivering a quality, value for money service. In our continuing efforts to provide a good service, we recognise the importance of listening to what our customers have to say. With this in mind, Doncaster takes part in a national project with the Planning Advisory Service to improve the way local council planning departments work. Part of this project involves the council sending an email survey to customers and users of the service to give them the opportunity to tell the council about their experience. Within the survey you will have the option to opt out of that survey and any future surveys.

Who are our Customers?

Customer Surveys will be sent to our customers outlined below:-

  • Applicants – members of the public that have made a planning application
  • Agents - a professional person or company making a planning application
  • Neighbours – a person/organisation that has commented on an application

Why should I bother?

No one likes doing surveys, however, we genuinely feel this survey is important and your feedback will assist us in improving our services. 

What will we do with the information?

Results will be shared on this webpage as part of our annual performance report, these will be in the form of graphs, charts etc, no personal data will be shared. For more information please review our privacy notice

Internal working groups will be set up to assess the results of the surveys and action plans will be created if required. The results will be used as a tool to see how well our customers think we are doing. We are committed to acting on the feedback and messages from the results of the surveys as part of our strategic approach to improve the quality of our service, delivering what our customers care about.

Annual performance report 

Annual Planning Performance Report 2020-21
Download (838KB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2019-20
Download (1.61MB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2018-19
Download (1.05MB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2017-18
Download (872KB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2016-17
Download (791KB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2015-16
Download (846KB - PDF)
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