Monitoring and Implementation

Various reports are produced to monitor the implementation of the council's Planning Policies.

(Previous versions of these reports, along with other older studies are available via Archive.)

Annual Monitoring Report

As required by legislation, the Council must publish information at least annually that shows progress with local plan preparation, reports any activity relating to the duty to cooperate, any information collected which relates to indicators in the plan, and any policies which are not being implemented. Local planning authorities can also use the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) to provide up-to-date information on the implementation of any neighbourhood plans that have been brought into force. It can help inform if there is a need to undertake a partial or full update of the local plan, when carrying out a review at least every 5 years from the adoption date.

The first AMR since the Council adopted the Local Plan is now available to view below:

Annual Monitoring Report 2021 - Main Report
Download (385KB - PDF)
Annual Monitoring Report 2021 - Appendix 1 Indicator Summary Table
Download (302KB - PDF)
Annual Monitoring Report 2021 - Appendix 2 Indicator Data Sheets
Download (3.42MB - PDF)

5-Year Deliverable Housing Land Supply

In line with the National Planning Policy Framework, the Council has demonstrated a 5-year supply of specific deliverable sites (with the appropriate 10% buffer) through the Local Plan-making examination and adoption process. As such, the Council has demonstrated a 5-year supply until 31 October 2022 in line with footnote 40 of the Framework. A new 5-year deliverable housing land supply statement will be prepared at that point and available to view here.  

Residential Land Availability

Annual survey of supply of land for housing - planning permissions, allocations and completions. The following report sets out the methodology for how the Residential Land Availability (RLA) monitoring is undertaken each year.

Residential Land Availability Methodology
Download (1000KB - PDF)

The latest summary report is available to view and download below. This summary is supported by a detailed site-specific spreadsheet which is also published and allows users to undertake analysis of this monitoring data in line with their own requirements.

Doncaster Residential Land Availability Summary 2020-21
Download (622KB - PDF)
Doncaster Residential Land Availability Site Specifc Details 2020-21
Download (177KB - XLSX)

Employment Land Availability

Annual survey of supply of land for economic development - planning permissions, allocations and take-up of employment land in Doncaster.

Doncaster Employment Land Availability Summary Report 2020-21
Download (721KB - PDF)
Doncaster Employment land Availability Report 2020-21
Download (1.1MB - PDF)
Doncaster Employment Land Availability 2020-21 distribution of sites
Download (11.7MB - PDF)

Doncaster Infrastructure Funding Statement

Doncasters Infrastructure Funding Statement sets out the income and expenditure relating to Section 106 Agreements for the latest financial year:

Section 106 Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020-21
Download (1.14MB - PDF)

Minerals: Local Aggregates Assessment

The Local Aggregates Assessment provides information on monitoring, supply and demand for aggregate minerals within Doncaster and Rotherham.

2021 Local Aggregates Assessment
Download (1.26MB - PDF)

The latest LAA refers to the document completed in 2016 which is provided below:

2016 Local Aggregates Assessment - Post Consultation ratified 2017
Download (1.92MB - PDF)


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