Monitoring and Implementation

Various reports are produced to monitor the implementation of the council's Planning Policies.

(Previous versions of these reports, along with other older studies are available via Archive.)

These will be updated in due course to review the impact of the latest emerging policies, including the developing Local Plan.

5-Year Deliverable Housing Land Supply (covering period 2017-2022):

At any point in time the Council must identify 5 years' supply of deliverable housing sites to meet Doncaster's needs - this is the latest report.

Five Year Statement 2017
Download (1.52MB)

Residential Land Availability 2018:

Regular survey of supply of land for housing - planning permissions, allocations and completions.

Doncaster Residential Land Availability 2018
Download (4.01MB - PDF)

Employment Land Availability 2018:

Annual survey of allocated employment land in Doncaster.

ELA 2018 Report
Download (507KB - PDF)
ELA 2018 - Sites Map
Download (2.02MB - PDF)

Doncaster Infrastructure Funding Statement:

Doncasters Infrastructure Funding Statement sets out the income and expenditure relating to Section 106 Agreements for the latest financial year:

Section 106 Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019-20
Download (1.14MB - PDF)

Minerals: Local Aggregates Assesment

National guidance states that Minerals are essential to support sustainable economic growth and our quality of life and accordingly that Minerals Planning Authorities (MPAs) should plan for a steady and adequate supply of aggregates. As part of this requirement we have to produce a Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA).

The LAA provides information on monitoring, supply and demand for aggregate minerals within Doncaster and Rotherham.

2019 Local Aggregates Assessment
Download (1.71MB - PDF)
2018 Local Aggregates Assessment
Download (1.64MB - PDF)

The 2018 LAA refers to the document completed in 2016 which is provided below:

2016 Local Aggregates Assessment - Post Consultation ratified 2017
Download (1.92MB - PDF)


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