Interim Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents

The council will be producing a number of new Supplementary Planning Documents to provide further guidance about the implementation of specific planning policies in the Local Plan.

Supplementary Planning Documents

The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 set out the requirements for producing Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). There is also guidance on their role in the Government’s Planning Practice Guidance on Plan Making. SPDs:

  • must relate to adopted plans (providing more detailed advice or guidance);
  • do not form part of the Development Plan;
  • cannot introduce new policies into a Development Plan;
  • are a material consideration in decision making;
  • must not add unnecessarily to the financial burdens on development; and,
  • must not conflict with the adopted development plan.

Draft SPDs, as identified in the adopted Local Plan, will be published for public consultation and adopted and available to view in due course.

The Council consulted on the first draft SPD since the Local Plan was adopted during April to May 2022 with respect to Biodiversity Net Gain. This SPD provides further guidance for developers, applicants and ecological consultants on how planning applications can satisfy the requirement for delivering Biodiversity Net Gain within Doncaster. The SPD provides further details on Local Plan Policy 30: Valuing Biodiversity and Geodiversity, which set out the requirement for planning applications to deliver a 10% net gain in Biodiversity. We are currently reviewing the responses received at the end of the consultation, and we would like to thank those that responded to the draft document. Further updates will be available in due course as we look to progress the SPD to adoption. In the meantime, the draft consultation version is still available to view below.

Biodiversity Net Gain Draft Supplementary Planning Document
Download (951KB - PDF) 

Transitional Developer Guidance 

Following the adoption of the Doncaster local Plan, the Councils SPDs have been formally revoked in line with regulation 15 of the above legislation. In this interim period before new SPDs to support the Local Plan are put in place, there is a need to provide clarity as to the status of any transitional Planning guidance. 

The Council has published Transitional Developer Guidance (April 2022) but this is not an SPD, nor will it be adopted as one. It is guidance to inform developers, applicants and decision-makers about what should be considered when submitting and determining planning applications. It specifically provides guidance on certain elements of design, landscaping, backland and infill, trees, equestrian development and flood risk sequential test. 

It should be noted the the Transitional Developer Guidance has fully replaced the Developer Guidance and Requirements, Backland and Infill and Development and Flood Risk SPDs, which should no longer be referred to. 

The South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide and Carr Lodge SPD are also revoked as SPDs but are retained as guidance. These documents are available to view below, and the Stement published alongside them provides further information and makes clear what status should be applied to these documents. 

SPD Revocation and Planning Guidance Statement - 27 April 2022
Download (217KB - PDF)
Transitional Developer Guidance - April 2022
Download (1.94MB - PDF)
South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide - January 2011
Download (3.57MB - PDF)
Carr Lodge Design Code - October 2016
Download (7.77MB - )

Interim Position Statement on First Homes

First Homes are a specific kind of discounted market sale housing and should be considered to meet the definition of 'affordable housing' for planning purposes. This position statement confirms that the Council will not apply First Homes policy requirements on planning applications in Doncaster for this form of affordable housing in line with the transitional arrangements set out in the Government's Written Statement of 24 May 2021 and its Planning Policy Guidance. Further information is available via the published Statement below.

Interim Position Statement on First Homes in Doncaster - April 2022
Download (140KB - PDF)


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