Doncaster Design Review Panel

The panel provides design analysis and feedback on planning applications that will have a significant impact on Doncaster and its settlements. The aim of the panel is to raise the quality of architecture and design in the borough.

The Design Review Panel in Doncaster has monthly meetings scheduled 11 months a year. 

The panel has been running for over eight years and was set up as part of the Renaissance Towns initiative. In Doncaster this initiative meant, amongst other things, improving the quality of the townscape and buildings by enabling local people to be involved the planning and design process.

From the initiative the Doncaster Town Team was formed. This was a group of core local representatives who either worked in a built environment profession such as architecture or represented a community group that dealt with design or regeneration. It was key for these members to have local knowledge and a passion for the future of Doncaster. 

Along with working to produce a town charter in 2002 and town centre masterplan in 2003, the original Town Team also formed the Doncaster Design Review Panel.

Today, the Doncaster Design Panel has moved forward with a mix of old and new members, but the aim to make Doncaster a better functioning and more attractive place to live and work is still at the forefront.

The remit of the current Design Panel is to provide a locally focused and independent level of evaluation that raises the expectations for high quality architecture and ensure the creation of well-designed and sustainable places.

Panel members

Voluntary panel members have a range of occupations including:

  • architects
  • landscape architects
  • planners
  • urban designers
  • regeneration specialists
  • and community representatives

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