Community Lettings

What are Community Lettings?

The aim of community lettings is that the management of land and buildings is given to communities to improve local social, economic and environmental well-being. 

What Assets are Available?

The Council will identify some assets available and advertise them for community letting; other assets may be identified by members of the public as having potential to be leased. 

Land and property which will not be available include those which are a part of the Council's disposal programme or generating revenue income, those with capital value in excess of £250,000 or those in a state of disrepair where the community group does not have sufficient funding immediately available to bring up to standard. 

Community Letting opportunities will be advertised for a period of 4-12 weeks on the Council website as well as in local areas.

How do I apply for a Community Letting?

To qualify as an applicant for a community letting you must be a community group or voluntary organisation such as an:

  • Unincorporated Association
  • Charitable Trust
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation
  • Charitable Company

or a Social Enterprise such as a:

  • Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Company
  • Community Interest Group
  • Industrial and Provident Society (Co-operative)
  • Development Trust and Social Firm

If you meet one of these descriptions, complete the Business Plan Template in the Downloads and Resources area on this page and submit it as your application. Applications will then be assessed by the Council's Assets Board which is made up of representatives from a variety of teams including; Assets and Property, Business Doncaster, Communities, Finance and Ward Members. 

If there are multiple applicants for an asset the Council may suggest collaboration between the groups if appropriate, to best benefit the local community. 

Should no applications be accepted for a Community Letting, applicants have a right to appeal. 

Available Now

The former Kirk Sandall Youth Centre - please visit here for details and tender forms

Further Information

Please see the following documents for information regarding the community lettings process.  A template for your Business Plan is available in the downloads and resources section (both in PDF and Word format). 

Approved Community Asset Transfer Policy Document
Download (138KB)
Community Lettings Process April 2015
Download (227KB)

Or for more information please contact us:


Telephone for general enquiries: 01302 737405

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