Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Statement Of Intent

Under the Energy Company Obligation Regulations 2018 - 2022 (ECO3)local authorities can set their own criteria for eligibility for funding for domestic energy efficiency measures.


Information for Residents

Doncaster Council intends to adopt a borough wide approach to implementing the Flexible Eligibility policy initiative during 2018 - 2022 Energy Company Obligation regulations, through direct targeting of communities by Neighbourhood Energy Officers and the Council's preferred installer, Everwarm Ltd.

Doncaster Council intends to work closely with energy companies, and their preferred installers, and customers to maximise the input of Flexible Eligibility ECO3 on fuel poor households. However fitting the criteria within the statement of intent does not guarantee that any individual household will benefit from energy saving improvements as the final decision on funding rests with energy suppliers and will depend on:
  • the survey carried out and installation costs calculated
  • the energy savings that can be achieved for a property, and
  • whether suppliers have achieved their ECO targets or require further measures to meet their ECO targets (this will affect the amount of funding available through the scheme)

The Council does not endorse contractors

If a company knocks on your door, or calls you on the phone, and states they are working with the Council. They are not.

Contractors are working for themsleves and their contracts are with the energy companies who provide them with the grant funding.

All works are a private arrangement between you and the contractor.

The Council has set a local qualifying criteria to allow more residents to access grant funded works, and contractors will use this criteria to help you qualify.

Information for Contractors

For Installers working in Doncaster who have access to ECO3 funding and are seeking approval via Flexible Eligibility.

What a contractor must provide to the Council before seeking approval of LA Declarations:
  1. Confirmation of each of the energy companies they are receiving ECO funding from. This information must be provided regardless of whether you have a direct relationship with an energy company or a funding broker.

  2. The contact details for the energy companies, to include an email address and phone number in order for the Council to check the relationship status with the contractor.

  3. Make a commitment to ensuring all customers are left with a calling card displaying the contractors company details on. This must be for the company and not just the sales person.

  4. If a resident or business contacts the Council to check the validity of an Installers claims. The Council will only confirm the Installers credentials as a legitimate representative of an energy company if they have first made contact with the Council to inform us of their intention to promote ECO grants. We ask that Installers introduce themselves to the Council so we can make a record of the company and therefore validate them as ECO3 approved Installers. Please could Installers forward their company details to energy.team@doncaster.gov.uk 

Next steps for Contractors

Next Steps:
  1. Installers seeking approval for ECO3 funding via Flexible Eligibility must complete the relevant declarations (available to download from this page).

  2. The LA Declaration must be completed electronically in Word format and emailed to the Council via energy.team@doncaster.gov.uk and must be accompanied by a completed, signed and scanned Customer Declaration and completed LA Flex SAP Form.

  3. The Council will review the declaration and SAP Form, provide a Declaration URN and return the approved declaration to the installers email address.

  4. For further information regarding the Council's plans for maximising the uptake of ECO3 funding in Doncaster, please contact the Energy Team via energy.team@doncaster.gov.uk 


Last updated: 22 December 2020 08:19:41