John became aware of his drink problem in mid 1980's here is what he has to share with rest of us.

My name is John and the first time I became aware of a drink problem was in the mid 1980s when I went into a new relationship and realised the relationship was going wrong because of my drinking. It was only the other person that got me to seek help from Doncaster Alcohol Services when they were on Netherhall Road, so really I’ve been looking for help with my drinking for 30 years.

I accessed DAS for support, relapsed, support again for many years and within that time had 3 detoxes on Ward 10 in DRI. 1987 I entered a rehab in Burley in Wharfedale and I tried twice there which didn’t work. I’ve tried many times to remain abstinent and with the help of antabuse I kept sober for a few years. In 1989 my sister died and I now realise that I used that as an excuse to start drinking again which carried on until 1996. I was prescribed antabuse again and was on that for a number of years before due to funding cuts it was stopped.

I was regularly seeing Dr Salvaji who always tried to get me to come to New Beginnings and I don’t really know now how I came to say yes about coming here.

My drinking has affected and cost me every relationship, when I met people I was sober and then it didn’t take long before I thought one or two drinks wouldn’t matter. I never admitted to any relationship I was an alcoholic even though I’ve probably known it myself since 1987. I haven’t worked since 1994 due to my drinking and never having long periods of abstinence.

I’ve been in New Beginnings 13 weeks and I think it’s gone brilliantly. About a year and a half ago I did a detox at DRI after being taken to A&E. Even though I knew that my health was suffering through drinking I couldn’t stop after being discharged from DRI. I realise now that previous detox did not worked because I didn’t work on the reasons why I drink and learn tools and techniques to cope with urges and cravings.

As well as attending New Beginnings to work on my drinking I’ve started attending Doncaster College doing an English course and a computer course. I’m settled where I live, I have become friends with the landlord who lives there also and he knows about my drinking and helps me to help myself.

One of the main things I’ve learned from my time here is to be honest and open and the other thing I’ve noticed is I’m more aware of what mood I’m in and what’s going on around me. I’ve also realised that I cannot just be s social drinker but never be able to drink again. I saw the film High Five one day when I was bored on a Saturday and saw New Beginnings mentioned on the film and decided this place wasn’t that bad and that I would give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

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