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Use FoodSwitch to see what’s in your shopping basket, and make better food choices when shopping for you and your family.

FoodSwitch allows you to scan the barcodes of packaged foods at the supermarket, at your desk or at home, using the camera on your smartphone. FoodSwitch then presents you with immediate, easy-to-understand information about that product's nutritional make-up.

Using a traffic light colour-coded system (red, amber and green), it's easy to see whether a food is less healthy, okay or a healthier option based on its total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content. You can also see a list of similar foods that are healthier choices, from our database of over 90,000 products.


NHS BMI Healthy Weight Calculator and Tracker

This is the official NHS app for measuring body mass index (BMI). It works for adults and children and is the only calculator that uses the Department of Health’s official measurement system. It allows you to:

  1. measure and track you and your family’s BMI over time
  2. set weight loss goals and get tips and advice
  3. do quick BMI calculations for others and share via text or email

Change4Life Healthier Recipes

Find delicious meal ideas if you’re short of inspiration through this app! 

The Smart recipes app is a great, free way of helping everybody eat tasty, healthier meals.

Search over 100 easy, calorie counted recipes for breakfast, lunch, evening meals, puddings and snacks.


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