Front Line Social Care Worker Vaccinations

National guidance has been released regarding the timescale of Covid-19 vaccinations for front line social care workers working with adults and/or children. Both Doncaster Council and the CCG are working together to meet this deadline and want to ensure that we are aware of all staff that are included in this category.


Please see the new guidance as of 11th February regarding accessing/booking vaccinations in the relevant section below. If you are a Frontline Social Care Worker who has received a text to book on for your appointment please do so as soon as possible. Local clinics are reducing as the national deadline has now passed. The National Booking system will be accepting bookings until 28th February for those staff yet to receive their vaccination.

Social Care Worker eligibility and vaccine process

Are you a front-line social care worker?

You ARE eligible as a frontline social care worker if:

  • You work in long-stay residential and nursing care homes or other long-stay facilities where rapid spread is likely to following introduction of infection and cause high morbidity and mortality
  • You are a member of social care staff directly involved in the care of patients or clients
  • You are involved directly in delivering social care such that they and vulnerable patients are at increased risk of exposure
  • You are aged 16-18, employed in, studying or in training for health and social care work. Here, you should be offered the vaccination alongside colleagues if a suitable vaccination is available.

You ARE NOT eligible as a frontline social care worker if:

  • You are a social care workers working with children who are not considered priority within the context of the JCVI priority cohorts 1-9 (children under 16 who do not have underlying health conditions leading to greater risk of disease or mortality and children who have no underlying health conditions).
  • You are an unpaid carer

Please see the national guidance for further information.

Contact us to get on the eligible for a vaccine list

Staff across Team Doncaster, as well as Providers, have been collating staff lists of those that are eligible for the vaccine. Although we already have a comprehensive list of those that work directly for Doncaster Council or Doncaster CCG (either directly or for one of our directly commissioned providers), we are concerned that we may be missing some staff who do not work directly with us- for example; personal assistants providing private care and those in the charity sector. 

We need these individuals and organisations to identify yourselves or your staff team to the Council. 

Where possible can we ask employers to coordinate staff's details and send them as one list.

Please be assured that as per the national guidance the aim is to ensure that all health and social care staff are vaccinated by the middle of February 2021.

If you are a non commissioned organisation and work with adults then please contact if you work with children please contact  and start collating your staffing lists including:

Given Name
Family Name
Role - i.e Direct Care, Office Support, Manager
Date of Birth
NHS Number  (If you do not have access to the NHS number, then please leave this information blank)
Contact Number (Mobile if possible)

If you are a Personal Assistant in Social Care employed privately, via a direct payment or personal health budget or care for somebody privately then please provide the following details to for those that work with adults or contact if you work with children:

Given Name
Family Name
Date of Birth
NHS Number (If you do not have access to the NHS number, then please leave this information blank)
Contact Number (Mobile if possible)

Do I need to email my details?

I work for a Council Commissioned Social Care Provider, do I have to email in?
No, you do not have to email in as your Provider will have already given your details for the Covid-19 Vaccination list.

I work for a private care company not directly commissioned by Doncaster Council or the CCG, should I email in?
Please speak with your employer to see whether they have sent in your details to Doncaster Council.

I provide care in the voluntary sector, should I email in?
Yes! Please email the information above to, so that we can add you to our covid-19 Vaccination list.

I am eligible what happens next?

The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation (JCVI) have identified frontline social care workers as a priority for vaccination due to the critically important work they are doing within the community. As such, you should receive a letter outlining the fact that you have been identified as a frontline social care worker.

Your employer should have sent you a national letter informing you that the vaccination programme is making COVID-19 vaccinations available to all eligible front-line social care workers and asking you to give your consent to be vaccinated.

If you are a Personal Assistant and not employed by an organisation please contact or

I have not received the letter?

If you have not received this information you should speak to your employer immediately or contact us via or

Where will vaccinations take place

The national programme has been made available to all eligible front line social care staff for them to book direct. This will provide the locations which can be accessed at the time of booking. The local hospital hubs programme will be reducing the number of clinics on offer after the national government deadline of 15th February. It may not always be possible to have a local clinic of choice but we would encourage you to take the opportunity to access your vaccine as soon as possible.

Accessing your vaccination

From 11th February via the Department of Health and Social Care the National Booking Service can now be used to book vaccinations for eligible frontline social care workers. This provides an additional option for employers and eligible frontline social care workers to access an appointment, at a time and place that is convenient. This facility will be available for 2 weeks from 11th February.

The National Booking Service can be accessed via the following button link: Book your vaccination or by phone: 119.

As with the current process, you can access your vaccination appointment with a Local Authority-issued Notice of Eligibility. You can now also use a recent letter from your employer, along with photo identification which confirms your place of work. If you do not have a work photo ID, as a minimum, a letter from your employer with another form of photo ID will be needed. Please also ensure you inform your employer of your vaccination to enable this to be included in data returns to help target support where needed.

Attending my vaccination

You should make arrangements to ensure you can attend. All appointments must be pre booked.

You must take this notice of eligibility letter and your work identification badge to the appointment. Staff at the vaccination centre must see physical copies of these to confirm your priority eligibility. You must also be able to provide your NHS number on the consent form. Advice on how to find your NHS number is available here.

When you have been vaccinated, ask your employer to keep a record of this.

If you have any other questions please see the following useful guide which addresses any concerns or further queries you may have:
COVID-19 Vaccine Programme in Adult Social Care
Download (171KB - PDF)

You can find more information on the Covid-19 Vaccination; on the Doncaster CCG's Frequently Asked Questions, via the Governments Social Care Staff Vaccination Guide or on NHS England's guide to Vaccinating Front Line Social Care Workers.

The information you provide will only be used for the vaccination programme. It will be shared with DBTH and RDASH for this purpose. You can find more information via our Privacy Notice


Last updated: 19 February 2021 13:55:40