Speaking at Full Council meetings

Members of the public can attend meetings of Full Council and ask a question of the Mayor, Executive, or Chair of the relevant Committee.

You are permitted to submit a question individually or on behalf of an organisation, if you are a resident of the Borough.

Your question must relate to something which the authority is responsible for or which affects the Borough. 

A request to ask a question must be received:

  • by email: democratic.services@doncaster.gov.uk
  • or in writing to the Chief Executive, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU
  • by 12 noon
  • at least seven working days prior to the meeting at which you want to speak

Other information:

  • specify your name and address where you reside.
  • all questions should be clear and concise and limited to a maximum of 100 words

You will be notified if your request can or cannot be accepted for the next meeting, and if so, arrangements for attending and asking your question on the day. At a Council meeting, you are permitted to ask one question and may be given the opportunity to ask a supplementary question providing it relates to the original question or the response provided. You can ask a maximum of two questions in any six month period.  

Dates of future meetings

View the calendar of council meetings and events on:


The Governance Team at:

  •   democratic.services@doncaster.gov.uk 

More information

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