Smokeless fuels

The whole of the borough has been smoke controlled since April 1994

Under the Clean Air Act 1993 it is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of any building within a smoke control area. It is also an offence to acquire solid fuel for use in a smoke control area (other than approved smokeless fuels) or to deliver solid fuel to a building in a smoke control area.

Solid smokeless fuel is allowed to be used in smoke control areas provided that it has been approved for use by the government.

The document below is the government regulations which lists all the current solid fuel heating appliances authorised for use in smoke control areas. It should be noted that some of these have to be used in conjunction with specific fuels in order to be authorised. 

Clean Air
Download (104KB)

The link below takes you to a list of authorised fuels which can be used in smoke control areas in England:

Defra-Smoke Control


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