Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering/Retail

This training course will benefit anyone working where there is food. The programme focuses on the information that employees will need to know before they start work in a food environment or as part of induction.

Course Content

  • How to keep clean and hygienic
  • How to keep the work area clean
  • How to reduce contamination                   


The course is approximately three hours long, typically covered in half a day. The time taken to deliver the programme does not include coffee/tea breaks, revision sessions or 'mock examinations'.

The course is followed by a short multiple choice test comprising of 15 questions. The pass mark being 10. The test can be conducted orally for anyone who has reading difficulties, provided we are notified in advance of the course date.


All successful candidates will receive the nationally recognised Level 1 award in food safety awareness in catering/retail certificate.


The course may be delivered in-house (customer provides venue and refreshments):
Tuition fee per course £146 plus £21 per delegate (courses are charged for a minimum of six people). Where training is provided outside the Doncaster Borough boundary please contact us for a quote.

If you require more information on the following training courses or would like an informal chat please contact our team on 01302 862655 or email healthandsafetytraining@doncaster.gov.ukBookings and T&C's are available on: https://buy.doncaster.gov.uk/training 

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