Doncaster Council has the responsibility for dealing with unauthorised encampments. 

Doncaster is the permanent home to the UK’s largest Gypsy Traveller populations. A large proportion who reside in Doncaster now live in bricks and mortar accommodation or privately owned sites. The communities have a very long history in Doncaster, The website Proud Gypsy Traveller can be a source for some useful history on the communities.

St Leger homes of Doncaster also run Social Housing for some of our Gypsy and Traveller Communities. They provide 3 sites for Ethnic Travellers, 1 for New Travellers and 3 for residents of Doncaster who wish to live in a caravan.

To join the waiting list or for more information on these sites please contact Doncaster HomeChoice 

Authorised sites

St Leger Homes has a responsibility for managing and maintaining the authorities Gypsy and Traveller sites, they liaise with members of the Gypsy and Traveller communities and also outside agencies providing help and advice. For further information regarding Housing Options please visit the following website: Doncaster HomeChoice

There are a number of Gypsy and Traveller sites throughout the borough that are maintained and managed by St Leger Homes, these are:

  • Lands End, Thorne
  • Little Lane Road, Clay Lane
  • Nursery Lane (New Traveller), Sprotbrough
  • White Towers, Armthorpe
  • Unauthorised encampments

Occasionally we are visited by either homeless Gypsy Traveller Communities or those who wish to maintain their protected right to travel. These are quite small in comparison to our permanent Gypsy Traveller Communities but it can obviously cause residents distress.

The official term for this is an Unauthorised Encampment. Doncaster Council has the responsibility for dealing with unauthorised encampments

To report an unauthorised encampment, please complete the following online form: 

Unauthorised encampment on council land:

  • Liaison Team will visit and complete a welfare & health assessment.
  • Enforcement will be decided on an individual basis dependant on circumstances.
  • Enforcement will be taken to evict the unauthorised encampment by use of court procedures. Court procedures take on average between 3 - 4 days.
  • Evictions will be carried out with the cooperation of the Police.

Unauthorised encampments on private land:

  • Liaison Team will only take action if asked for in writing/email by the land owner (relevant costs may apply and will be discussed before any action is taken).
  • Advice will be given on other options to the land owner.
  • If the Liaison Team take court action on behalf of the land owner, the land owner will be charged the court fees.

Private sites being developed:

  • It is most likely that they are planning for retrospective planning.
  • Private sites who may not have planning can be reported to us on 01302 736000.
  • This will then be investigated by the Planning Enforcement Team and enforcement taken if necessary.
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