Street Scene Grounds Maintenance teams are responsible for maintaining all adopted green areas within the highway; also parks, open spaces and hedges that are the responsibility of the Council. The teams plant and maintain where appropriate, are responsible for Council Sports facilities, and provide treatments to areas that require weed control.

Grass Maintenance

We aim to cut grass 13 times between April and mid November, however operations are dependant on weather conditions.  Additional cuts may be requested by Parish and Town Councils outside of this time period.

We cut grass at the following sites:

  • verges
  • public open spaces
  • some schools
  • parks
  • naturalised areas

What is important is what the grass looks like, not how often it is cut:

  • During prolonged dry spells, cutting grass may damage it. Cutting may be temporarily suspended.
  • During prolonged wet spells cutting grass may spoil it. Cutting may be temporarily suspended.
  • We will cut around obstacles (trees, road signs, lamp posts etc.), by strimming or other approved weed control methods.

We do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties/estates not owned by the council. 

If you are a St Leger Homes tenant and have an enclosed garden you can enquire about the chargeable garden maintenance scheme they run on their website. To visit this, click below

Request Grass Maintenance

We do not collect grass cuttings.

To collect and transport cuttings for composting would be very costly, uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly, partly because of the additional travel involved.  We are however looking to provide a green waste site that will address this problem and contribute towards the commitment for a greener Doncaster.

For more information or to report problems with grass in any of the areas controlled by the council, like grass cutting or re-seeding, please complete the following online report form.

You will be asked to identify an area, then select "grass" from the drop-down menu and leave your request.

Rural Areas

Tractor mounted flail mowers are used to cut out of town amenity and country lane grass verges on rural highways throughout the Borough. We aim to cut rural verges and sight lines 2 times per year (May to June, and August to September). Some grassed areas at road junctions may be cut more often to maintain visibility for road users.


Daffodil and other Bulb Planted Areas

Some grassed areas that we look after contain spring bulbs, mainly daffodils and crocuses.

Daffodils bloom from March to May and, where these are planted, we allow the green leaf of the plant to remain for about 6 weeks after the flower has died off.  This is because it is the leaf of the plant that makes food for the following year.

If they were cut down too early, then the daffodil beds would gradually deteriorate and the number of flowering plants would be reduced.


Shrub Beds

We maintain shrub and rose beds on Council owned land.

Major shrub pruning is not carried out between 1 March and 31 July as recommended by DEFRA.

The time of year dictates when particular shrubs are pruned - flowering periods and bird nesting are always taken into consideration. We will assess and prioritise all reports and determine what course of action is necessary, if any.

Please note, delays may occur if the overgrown shrub is not on council owned land but is identified as needing attention.  In these cases we may need to contact the Land Registry to establish ownership.


 Weed Control

In addition to our normal street cleaning schedule, the Borough wide weed spraying program takes place throughout the year to control weed growth.  

Weed can grow in between pavements and at the roadside, reproducing quickly and aggressively, causing damage to drains, pavements and road surfaces if not kept under control. We aim to treat all weed growth up to 2 times per year. 


 Hedge Maintenance

The Council undertakes hedge cutting on its amenity hedges between September and March, unless requested where a hedge is seen to pose a health and safety risk.

We are not responsible for the cutting of hedges on private land.

For more information and to report a problem please visit the Hedges page.

Any Further Questions

If you have any other questions about Grounds Maintenance or the Environment not covered here please contact customer services on: 01302 736000

Alternatively, fill in the following e-form. You will be asked to select the subject of your request:

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