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Environmental Pride was set up at the beginning of 2022 to support community-led environmental improvement projects in Doncaster. St Leger Homes and City of Doncaster Council led the programme, alongside active partnership from Voluntary Action Doncaster, private companies identified by Doncaster Chamber, DN Colleges Group and E.N. North.

 To date, we have launched two rounds. The first round supported eight community groups in delivering a range of projects, from communal food growing to litter picking lunches. The second round provided funding to seven community groups and also offered volunteer support to four additional projects.  

For the next round, we aim to support community groups that can demonstrate how their projects will be community-led, respond to climate change by improving their local environment, and have a lasting impact. Projects can take the form of improvements to the natural environment or be in the form of a community activity/event in a public open space. 

In light of the climate and biodiversity emergency, we want everyone to realise the importance of protecting, enhancing and celebrating our natural environment. It is our hope that this programme will encourage communities and organisations to collaborate in responding to this emergency and make a difference in Doncaster. 

What is Environmental Pride? 

A drone image showing Bawtry Allotments below and community members planting vegetables Environmental Pride provides varying levels of support to help communities deliver environmental improvement projects within their areas. Community groups can request a range of support, including but not limited to extra volunteer support, business advice or funding to get the project or activity off the ground.  

The programme is intended to help local residents make a difference to their community and will support projects that:  

  • Are created and led by the local community for the local community  
  • Improve or celebrate the local environment  
  • Remain the responsibility of the community throughout the project  
  • Support local people to become active in enhancing and celebrating their local areas  
  • Encourage people to be physically active* whilst improving their environment and/or as a result of activity/project  
  • Bring people together and promote pride in the community and neighbourhood  
  • Are sustainable in the long term without significant ongoing organisational support or funding  
  • Are aimed at obtaining funding for a purpose that City of Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes (or its partners) would not normally contribute towards.  
    * Moderate activity – walking, gardening etc.  

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