The network of drains and sewers which take sewage away from your home is part private and part public.

From October 1, 2011 the responsibility for sewers changed. Any private sewer (pipework carrying sewage from more than one property) became the responsibility of the water company to whom you pay your sewerage rates. Also, any drain (pipework carrying sewage from one property) became the responsibility of the water company as above after it crosses the boundary of your house. This means that you are only responsible for maintenance and repair of any drain which carries sewage from only your home up to the boundary of your property.

Everyone should have had a legal notification from their water company informing them that this would be the case.

For a fuller explanation of what this means to you with, various house types and scenarios you should click on the link below depending on which water company you pay your sewerage rate to:

There are a number of exceptions. If you have any problems which you cannot resolve or you are having trouble with your surface water, please contact the council.

Who do I contact regarding blocked drains within the boundaries of my property?

If the property is a St Leger Homes property contact customer services on 01302 736000 and your details will be passed to St Leger Homes. Alternatively you could contact the St Leger Homes repairs helpline direct.

If the property is private, either owner occupied or tenanted, the responsibility lies with the property owner - this may be pursued through your insurer. In case of difficulty, contact customer services on 01302 736000, and give your name, address and telephone number. The information will be passed on to Environmental Health or you can contact them direct.

In all cases, if it is only affecting your property and the problem is within the boundary of the property then it will be your own responsibility to make arrangements for unblocking or repairing the drain. To help you in this you should first of all contact your insurance company. However if more than one property is affected you should contact your water company.

When you contact us

  • make sure you give your name, address and telephone number (e-mail if applicable)
  • keep appointments made and ensure safe access for our people
  • be prepared to make a written statement where necessary and, if needed, appear in court
  • aggressive behaviour will only delay solving your problem

When we are dealing with you

We will:

  • deal with you in a fair, courteous, impartial and confidential way
  • provide a high level of expertise (consistent with our resources)
  • respond to service requests for blocked drains within one day and drainage CCTV surveys* within seven days
  • provide you with the name of the person dealing with your complaint and how to contact them
  • produce identification when visiting your home
  • explain how the system works and tell you when things will happen
  • keep you informed of progress and any delays
  • answer telephone calls within five rings
  • respond to postal or e-mail enquiries within seven days
  • tell you why when we cannot resolve a problem                                 

*Drainage Surveys are rechargeable

If we get it wrong

Sometimes things go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with the service we have given you then contact the team leader on 01302 737535

If you are still not satisfied and want to use the formal complaints procedure write to the address supplied below. 

For further information, please contact us: 

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