Air quality and pollution control

Daily air pollution levels in the Doncaster area.


 You can find details about local air pollution levels at: 

  • - “real time” air pollution data are available from our monitoring stations at Carr House Road, Conisbrough, Hickleton and Market Place

What should you do when the air pollution level is HIGH?

  • If you suffer from respiratory problems take your medicines, tablets, inhalers etc. with you when leaving the house so that you can take them as prescribed
  • Take your time and do not rush anywhere - walk at a steady pace
  • Avoid areas of high traffic density where pollution levels are likely to be the highest.
  • If you do not suffer from respiratory problems consider leaving your car at home to help reduce pollution levels

Air Quality Index

Information on air quality is provided using an index produced by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In 2011 the index was reviewed and changes implemented from the 1 January 2012. The index has been renamed the Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI).

More information, including the levels used in the index and health advice for both susceptible individuals and the general population can be found on the defra website 

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