Flood Recovery Report

Following the catastrophic floods in November 2019, the council commissioned an independent report, usually referred to as a Section 19 report, to find out what happened, look at what has been done since to mitigate future flood risks and identify measures which can help mitigate risk even further given impact of climate change.

Mayor Ros Jones and her Cabinet considered a Flood Recovery Report on how the events unfolded, what improvements have already been undertaken, and what must be done to help prevent a similar incident happening again in the future.

Cabinet also approved the Section 19 report on the causes of the November 2019 floods and necessary mitigations.

Below is the Cabinet report which provided an update on the recovery activity across the borough following the November 2019 floods which directly affected 897 properties. The report covered progress on six key areas:

  • Humanitarian support given to Doncaster people in flood affected areas
  • Financial support for increased flood resilience at household level, including via community schemes
  • Engagement with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on household insurance
  • Measures being undertaken to bolster the Council’s response to any future flooding incidents
  • Remedial works undertaken by the Council and partnership organisations to date to reduce the likelihood and impact of further flooding
  • The “Section 19” report analysing the reasons for the flooding in November 2019 and what is required to address underlying issues to prevent future flooding events of the severity experienced by Doncaster people at that time.
Doncaster Flood Recovery Cabinet Report 29 September 2020
Download (163KB - PDF)

Details of the works undertaken and planned measures to mitigate against future flooding in different parts of the borough can be found in the documents below.

Appendix One - Flood Recovery Works in the Central Area
Download (41KB - PDF)
Appendix Two - Flood recovery works in the North Area
Download (127KB - PDF)
Appendix Three - Flood recovery works in the South Area
Download (154KB - PDF)
Appendix Four - Flood recovery works in the East Area
Download (119KB - PDF)

To read the detailed Section 19 report click on the link below.

Appendix 5 - Section 19 Flood Investigation Report into the November 2019 Floods
Download (23.5MB - PDF)

A short film about the November floods can be watched below.

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