Shaw Wood

Main entrances off Basil Avenue, Mansfield Crescent and Mere Lane, Armthorpe

About Shaw Wood

Also known as Bluebell Wood and Basil Wood, Shaw Wood is a 28 hectare broad-leaved woodland northwest of Armthorpe village. The oldest part of the woodland is Armthorpe Shaw, which was recorded as a wooded site over seven centuries ago. Streetthorpe Shaw was added in the late-eighteenth century when the manor of Armthorpe belonged to the neighbouring Streetthorpe estate, now Edenthorpe. The youngest part of the wood is Corporation Shaw, planted around a hundred years ago.

Small woods can struggle to survive without help, as bracken invades and forces out woodland flowers and shrubs, and too many maturing trees prevent saplings from growing. To make sure of its long-term future, Doncaster Council bought Shaw Wood in 1985 to make sure it survives as a valuable site for wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Shaw Wood is protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) and is designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). It is also listed on Natural England's Register of Semi-Natural Ancient Woodland Sites and their Invertebrate Register.

How to get there

Shaw Wood lies between Basil Avenue, Mansfield Crescent and Mere Lane, Armthorpe

To see the surrounding area, check out the following Google Maps view:


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