For a range of reasons it may be thought necessary or desirable to make changes to the existing rights of way network. Possible reasons include recognising public rights on previously unrecorded Public Rights of Way, requests to divert an existing Right of Way to enable development or improve land management, changing the status of a route (from footpath to bridleway for instance) or, very rarely, to extinguish a right of way.

Before any changes to the rights of way network may be made, in each case the change must firstly meet defined legal criteria and secondly is publicised and then open to public objection. Any public objections will be heard by an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate and he or she will then determine the outcome based on the evidence put forward.

The cases documented on this page include applications received that are going through the legal process. The changes proposed in the documents have not yet taken effect and the existing Public Rights still apply. 

A copy of the order and the order plan can be viewed by clicking on the relevant pdf. If you wish to object to advertised orders then please contact Public Rights of Way or formally lodge an objection in writing with the Council's Legal Department.


Public Bridleway Number 14 Rossington

An order has been advertised under Section 119 Highways Act to divert the public bridleway between the cemetery on Grange Lane and thebridgeovertheRiverTorne to the desire line that currently exists on the ground. An informal surface, 4 metres wide, will be provided.  The closing date for objections and comments has now expired.  One objection has been received and negotiations are taking place between the land owner and objector with a view to resolving.
RO14 Diversion Plan 2023
Download (331KB - PDF)

Public Footpath Numbers 3 and 4 Thorne

The City of Doncaster Council has advertised an order under section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to divert part of public footpath number 3 Thorne and stop up part of public footpath number 4 Thorne to allow development to take place.

The Order has been confirmed but will not come into force until the new route is in place and certified by CityofDoncaster Council. 
Thorne 3 and 4 Confirmed Order
Download (202KB - PDF)
Thorne 3 and 4 Order Plan
Download (1.55MB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 22 Sprotbrough

An order has been advertised to add a public footpathfromCadeby  Road to NurseryLaneSprotbrough. One objection was received and the order has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for determination by an independent inspector
Nursery Lane Order Plan
Download (207KB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 10 Rossington Penny's Crossing

Two orders have been advertised to extinguish a section of the above public footpath that crosses the East Coast Main line, in the interest of public safety and create an alternative footpath. The alternative footpath is to be created heading north from the crossing to cross the railway via a bridge and return along the opposite side of the railway to meet the footpath on the opposite side of the crossing.  An objection to the order has been received and the orders have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for determination.  An independent Inspector will determine the orders via the written representation procedure. Documents relating to the order may be viewed below or by visiting the Civic Office, Waterdale,Doncaster.                                                                        It is advisable to telephone 01302 735047 prior to visiting. 
Doncaster Council - Statement of Grounds-1
Download (45KB - DOCX)
Tab 1 Creation Order Plan
Download (638KB - PDF)
Tab 1 Extinguishment Order Plan
Download (262KB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 2 Austerfield

Planning permission has been granted for the developmentofBawtry Golf Club. To facilitate the development an order was advertised to divert that section of public footpath that currently runs along Low Common Lane between the junction with Cross Lane and the A614, to a path running along the west side of the development between Cross Lane and the northern end of Low Common Lane. The order has been confirmed by the Secretary of State but will not come into effect until the new route is in place. 
Austerfield 2 order plan-1
Download (192KB - PDF)


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